Review, Is it a Scam?

What’s a shame is that few years ago CL Casual Encounters used to be a total party, with real ads from real girls meeting for NSA sex and alternative relationships. You could basically get anything you wanted with just a little game. That marketplace has disappeared from CL after the scammers and spammers moved in. If they ask you to join a site to talk to them, any website at all, in any way, shape, or form, real or imagined, it’s a scam. Yes, I do mean all of them. Yes, I mean all of the time. These sites usually are named something like safe date, meet safe, etc. You probably have just as much of a chance meeting someone who is crazy at your local bar or even a church sponsored dance but for some reason these adult verification sites are everywhere on the Internet as if the Internet is the only place that is unsafe to meet people. If you scan any Casual Encounters section, you’ll find tons of ads, and almost all of them lead to a spammer or a scammer. These are easy to spot and if you click through ads you’ll get used to identifying them. The worst part of the whole process is that it’s completely automated on the scammers end. You’ll send an email and a program will continuously send you replies of different variations, trying to get you to hit the site and make the payment. When going online, make sure to use reputable sites. Often men are shown hot girls on the web, or even in e-mail offers, that look too good to be true. I got a reply with a picture of a girl holding a sign with my name on it, she said I had to go to this website to find her details because it is made to protect women. I knew it was a con and my suspicions were confirmed once I got a reply from a craigs list girl with an identical picture but a different name on her sign. Sometimes the sites will have just one profile, usually of the person who you originally contacted, even though it is all a Scam and the pictures are stolen and the person uses a fake throw-away email address, unregistered and secretive websites with little info about them. … read more >