Quickydate.com Review, Is it a Scam?

Don’t sign up for anything. There is no reason a girl would ask you to go look at her profile on some other dating website. If she’s real, she’s already got direct communication with you if you are now e-mailing. It is always a red flag when someone asks for your credit card number when you are not buying anything or what you are “buying” is free. Any girl that asks to verify your age using a credit card verification is not really a girl. Girls look for your facebook page, they try and do name searches to see if you are who you say you are. They do not ask for you to enter a credit card into a verification site to proof your age. Many of the Women Seeking Men ads are simply bait to get the horny guy to sign up for some dodgy site and put in his credit card number, someone will respond to your ad, and express interest, but will say something like Do me a favor: I’m interested, but I’ve had a bad experience on here before, and am trying to weed out crazies. Sign up on this site, and search for my profile. There seems to be some (Age Verification) Phishing Scams. They TRY to convince responders that their website verifies people’s age. Not true, they just want your Credit Card information. This web site attempts to trick gullible lonely guys into giving up their credit card info. Don’t be fooled, no real girl is contacting you it’s all a scam. The situation is so severe on Craigslist Casual Encounters that posts by real girls who are actually seeking sex are often flagged for removal at the slightest reason for suspicion. There is no Craigslist verification service. That is not a dating site, it’s just a scam used to sign you up for sites and the scammer gets paid for each person he signs up. Anytime a site asks to use your credit card to verify your identity, it’s a scam like this one. … read more >