Review, Is it a Scam?

Any girl that asks to verify your age using a credit card verification is not really a girl. Girls look for your facebook page, they try and do name searches to see if you are who you say you are. They do not ask for you to enter a credit card into a verification site to proof your age. This web site attempts to trick gullible lonely guys into giving up their credit card info. Don’t be fooled, no real girl is contacting you it’s all a scam. I got caught in an email exchange with a person that at first sounded legit, but actually lead me to a payment scam website. The tipping point said something about going to her picture or verification site, where you have to make a payment to access more information about her, for her safety of course. What happens if you are a member of one verification site but the person who responds to your ad requests that you join some other verification site? You would have to join thousands of verification sites since these women won’t accept the verification from another site. Staying safe is one of the most important things when it comes to using casual dating sites, and so many guys neglect this part. It can be fun to meet girls online, but not if they’re trying to scam you. Don’t waste your time chasing this girl, she is not a real person. These scam emails are emailed to thousands of Craigslist surfers to try and get them into joining scam sites. They say it’s for Verification or Background Check. I never do this, as I’m immediately suspicious of anything that wants me to put in my credit card number (Honestly, I’m suspicious of being asked to sign up on any external site. Why should my interaction with someone on Craigslist involve me registering on any other site? Anytime they ask you to join, it’s a scam. Look for the ads that say write x in the subject line. The thing about these ads is you can write whatever you want and you will get the same I really want to hook up, go to my site response. … read more >