Review, Is it a Scam?

The rules for Craigslist are very simple, everything is done in person. You talk to the girl on the telephone, then you meet her in person. There are a lot of spammers and scammers working the W4M and Casual Encounters sections of Craigslist. I’ve been replying to ads in these sections for a couple of years now and I can confirm that it’s majorly shady. Those people steal photos off of social networking sites or the internet, and then email them in response to craigslist ads to entice people to sign up for a bogus website to verify who you are. Is it really to help the girl on the other end verify my identity, and try to weed out the creeps? No! it is just an attempt to lure me in and sign up for some site, preying upon my late night, horny desires and weak state of mind in the wee hours of the morning. There seems to be some (Age Verification) Phishing Scams. They TRY to convince responders that their website verifies people’s age. Not true, they just want your Credit Card information. It might not be rocket science, but there’s still an art to meeting girls online, and making it actually happen. The dating verification service that the site pretends to offer doesn’t exist and the sign up form is in a frame that gets its content from another site, so all that you will end up with if you give them your credit card information is some subscriptions to other sites. Even though a site is claiming to be a secure site, it still means that what you read in the ad has nothing to do with reality. The girl who advertised is not real, she’s not on that site and it’s just a ploy to lure you in to signing up. … read more >