Review, Is it a Scam?

This site is used to rip off guys who believe they are getting verified, which is not the case. I got a reply with a picture of a girl holding a sign with my name on it, she said I had to go to this website to find her details because it is made to protect women. I knew it was a con and my suspicions were confirmed once I got a reply from a craigs list girl with an identical picture but a different name on her sign. Staying safe is one of the most important things when it comes to using casual dating sites, and so many guys neglect this part. It can be fun to meet girls online, but not if they’re trying to scam you. Imagine introducing yourself to some woman who says she doesn’t trust you and tells you before she will even talk to you, you need to get verified to prove you are not under 18, you’re not married, and you are not a sex offender. Wouldn’t you be offended? If not, wouldn’t you think she was a little nutty to be so paranoid? The whole idea of a verification site is ridiculous. The rules for Craigslist are very simple, everything is done in person. You talk to the girl on the telephone, then you meet her in person. Don’t waste your time chasing this girl, she is not a real person. These scam emails are emailed to thousands of Craigslist surfers to try and get them into joining scam sites. When girls want to email, I respond with my phone number, and if they call me great, if not, I end communication. Aside from scammers, there’s just so many weirdos that want to email back and fourth that have no real interest in meeting. The age verification site is a scam site whose purpose is the collection of credit card numbers. A charge later appears on cardholder’s billing statement. … read more >