Review, Is it a Scam?

Those people steal photos off of social networking sites or the internet, and then email them in response to craigslist ads to entice people to sign up for a bogus website to verify who you are. Even though a site is claiming to be a secure site, it still means that what you read in the ad has nothing to do with reality. The girl who advertised is not real, she’s not on that site and it’s just a ploy to lure you in to signing up. Expect 4-5 responses even if you’ve told the person to fuck off. Imagine how stupid I felt after writing a long winded email about myself and it wasn’t even going to a real girl. Tread carefully and never pull out your credit card. Don’t sign up for anything. There is no reason a girl would ask you to go look at her profile on some other dating website. If she’s real, she’s already got direct communication with you if you are now e-mailing. You are asked to enter your credit card info for ‘age verification’. But when you click to process the transaction you get a screen that says your credit card is no good for age verification… an obvious phishing scam. Also, the person’s name on the email I got does not match the one on the verification site. If you want to waste your time, are into hugely obese but possibly horny women, want to have an encounter with a woman who turns out to be a transvestite or love flagging spammers then Craigslist Casual Encounters is your perfect destination. There are a lot of spammers and scammers working the W4M and Casual Encounters sections of Craigslist. I’ve been replying to ads in these sections for a couple of years now and I can confirm that it’s majorly shady. I got a reply with a picture of a girl holding a sign with my name on it, she said I had to go to this website to find her details because it is made to protect women. I knew it was a con and my suspicions were confirmed once I got a reply from a craigs list girl with an identical picture but a different name on her sign. … read more >