Pokemenow.net Review, Is it a Scam?

The scam here is that this is not a real dating site. It does not provide any dating service or verification service. There are no real site members for you to meet. If you give this site your credit card number to verify your identity, what will actually happen is that you may also be signed up for some useless sites. Anytime they ask you to join, it’s a scam. Look for the ads that say write x in the subject line. The thing about these ads is you can write whatever you want and you will get the same I really want to hook up, go to my site response. These type of sites are often used to capture personally identifiable information, including credit card numbers, addresses and phone numbers. I’ve been offered sex multiple times from Craigslist ads, Its usually a reply from a poor college girl who sends nude pics of her body. How can these sites “verify” your age, “verify” your marital status, or determine if you are a not sexual predator with only your credit card number and address information? Expect 4-5 responses even if you’ve told the person to fuck off. Imagine how stupid I felt after writing a long winded email about myself and it wasn’t even going to a real girl. Tread carefully and never pull out your credit card. This web site attempts to trick gullible lonely guys into giving up their credit card info. Don’t be fooled, no real girl is contacting you it’s all a scam. When girls want to email, I respond with my phone number, and if they call me great, if not, I end communication. Aside from scammers, there’s just so many weirdos that want to email back and fourth that have no real interest in meeting. … read more >