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SexyOnlineNsa.com Review, Is it a Scam?

When girls want to email, I respond with my phone number, and if they call me great, if not, I end communication. Aside from scammers, there’s just so many weirdos that want to email back and fourth that have no real interest in meeting. Anytime they ask you to join, it’s a scam. Look for the ads that say write x in the subject line. The thing about these ads is you can write whatever you want and you will get the same I really want to hook up, go to my site response. Verification sites are all scams, there is nothing about a credit card number that can verify your age or identity. A 15 year old boy could easily enter his dad’s credit card number, or a scammer could use a stolen credit card. I’ve had no positive results working these ads so far, no dates, no NSA sex, no dirty hookups, nothing. I hear from my sources that legit women are harder and harder to find on CL than they were a few years ago. Don’t waste your time chasing this girl, she is not a real person. These scam emails are emailed to thousands of Craigslist surfers to try and get them into joining scam sites. I got a reply with a picture of a girl holding a sign with my name on it, she said I had to go to this website to find her details because it is made to protect women. I knew it was a con and my suspicions were confirmed once I got a reply from a craigs list girl with an identical picture but a different name on her sign. There seems to be some (Age Verification) Phishing Scams. They TRY to convince responders that their website verifies people’s age. Not true, they just want your Credit Card information. If someone is so paranoid that they demand someone go to a verification site to prove that they are 18 years old or older, unmarried, and not a sex offender then they must be crazy or not a real person? If they are so concerned about meeting perverts on the Internet, maybe they should stick to meeting people offline? … read more >